Our consortium is built on the previous collaboration of partner organisations: ODL units of traditional higher education institutes and their international networks, as well as industrial partners - all having previous experience and long-term practice in effective collaboration and all with expertise in the field of engineering. Core of the consortium started its collaboration in the framework of the PHARE Multi-country Programme for Distance Education, coordinated by European Training Foundation between 1996-98. The other core group is involved in a former Leonardo project "INNOVATE" - based on the experiences of several years of collaboration, our proposal aims to develop a model for international development and delivery of high-quality vocational courses, also offering the benefits of international recognition as well as the highest level of professionalism and flexibility. This innovative partnership approach, combined with the collaborative networking methodology in content development as well as in course delivery based on e-learning environment, is a new element in Europe-wide vocational training.

The partnership has the capacity and necessary experience to carry out the dissemination activities outlined above as

Advanced ICT tools widely used by partners will serve not only as tools for delivery and dissemination but also for awareness raising and marketing purposes - free accessible selections from the course (as "taster") will be available on the WEB site of the e-Collegium for anyone being interested, links to these tasters will be offered from home-pages of each partner.


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István Szabó
Szent István University, Institute of Machinery
László KÁTAI
E-Collegium Foundation
Mária Kocsis Baán
North Hungarian Regional Distance Education Center
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Kees-Jan van Dorp
European Association of Distance Teaching Universities
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Anna Grabowska
Gdansk University of Technology
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Dr. Zoltán Kolozsvary
SC Plasmaterm SA
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Radu Vasiu
Politechnical University of Timisoara
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Andrea Bulnova

Technical University of Kosice,
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Prof. Tom Bell

AdSurfEng Ltd.
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