Some of the previous international projects can be mentioned as indirect, but important antecedents of this proposal from methodological point of view, all related to international networking, project-management and course delivery in international collaboration. Among these, MISSION Minerva project can be emphasized, which was completed by the end of last year. Its consortium included 17 partners from 13 countries, aiming at strengthening the links between the CEE PHARE ODL Centres - established by the support of the PHARE Multi-Country Programme for Distance Education. At the same time it aimed to improve stability and effectiveness of long-term collaboration between EuroStudy Centres (coordinated by European Association of Distance Teaching Universities - EADTU) and PHARE ODL Centres. Establishing a central, multi-lingual (13 languages) WEB portal and electronic networking based on ICT (e-newsletter, discussion groups, course catalogue, counselling services, etc.) were the core activities of the project. These networking tools will be utilised for the dissemination of this project's results. Some other projects - INNOVATE, AdvEng - can be considered as also antecedents of this proposal from the content side of course development, aiming at ODL development in different fields and subjects of engineering. However none of them addressed the same topic and the same methodology of e-leaming material development. For some of the partners this project is especially a labour of love since they can combine their experiences in new e-learning methodologies and modern engineering sciences.