With learners outside traditional cohorts increasing and universities just awakening to the LLL charter, the need to act on adult learners & workers is apparent. By years of experience, ODL institutions can flexibly act on the adult population, simultaneously a population with higher chances to succeed in entrepreneurial activities, as identified by the Kauffman Foundation. Cross Border Virtual Incubator (CBVI) flexibly reaches out to workers and learners to promote entrepreneurship and enterprise creation. It has the objective to demonstrate experiments with social and learner-centric entrepreneurship environments for the acceleration of new starters and cross border knowledge exchange. CBVI will effectuate far reaching pilots on (networked) business planning and successive field-oriented coaching of new entrepreneurs by universities, multipliers and SMEs. It takes full advantage of Web2.0 technologies and utilises multi-level (open) services to exploit the social & technological connectivity of individuals. Such experiments with platforms would favour a larger social springboard on each new entrepreneurship case. CBVI takes in previous developed student training materials such as the five multilingual and pedagogically-rich, virtual Masterclasses, which have been develop for entrepreneurship and consecutive business planning trails, inside the Good Practice of Cross Border Virtual Entrepreneurship (CBVE).