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European collaboration

 Relations within the University  ·  Regional and national relations  · International relations 

From the beginning our Distance teaching Centre is the member of an extensive, well operating - but informal - PHARE ODL network. This relation has a share in the fact that we won grants for more international projects than the average.

The main objectives of MISSION project (SOCRATES/Minerva Program) were to strengthen the partner relationships of the network established by the PHARE programme and to make the further cooperation regular and more effective. Continuing this project we won a new Minerva project titled eTaster (this is the only Minerva project coordinated by Hungarians) with an objective of a wide European cooperation which took on the development and multilingual delivery of 12 short, free on-line courses.

Our relation with the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU), which is a European distance education organisation of the biggest prestige coordinating operative cooperation, is based on a multi-year collaboration and resulted more successful project implementation. In Central East Europe Hungary was the first to join the EADTU when the National Distance Education Council/Apertus Foundation (along with EuroContact Business School and University of Miskolc as distance education centres) entered the EuroStudy Centre Network. Our university was the first among higher education institutions in Central East Europe to join this network. We regularly take part in the working committee of the organisation and in our project disseminations.