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Our Vision

North Eastern Hungary is one of the regions challenges the most critical problems in the process of economic, social and political restructuring of the country. The key to success in restructuring will be the further education and training of all the people who are faced with these dramatic changes. Hosted by the largest provincial university, the University of Miskolc, NHRDEC wishes to play a catalizer role in this progress via versatile and effective support of Human Resource Development of the region. It wishes to be a focal point, joining all efforts to be made in all levels and forms of education and training, offering support in implementing innovative learning methods and technologies. It wishes to be the source of information and a centre for co-ordination, to provide high effectiveness in distributing, disseminating and improving the education potential of the region.

NHRDEC wishes to contribute to Human Resource Development in its special way, supporting individuals:

  • To improve their chances for getting/keeping their job,
  • To enhance them to recognise the importance of life-long learning,
  • To improve their learning skills and to recognise and utilise their values
  • To find their place the more and more internationalised and globalised world of labour,
  • To improve the quality of their everyday life.

Our Mission

NHRDEC shall fulfil the functions of a regional coordination, information and methodological Centre, as a regional broker agency providing support to all individuals and organisations having interest in education and training, in respect of

  • Coordinating the development and delivery of education and training programmes at the University of Miskolc and its support centres,

  • Providing information for improving the effectiveness of such activities,

  • Supporting the implementation of advanced, innovative learning methodology and ICT technology,

  • Creating flexible learning environment,

  • Networking, active collaboration in programme development and delivery with other regional centres and partner organisations at national and international level,

Sharing information resources and expertise for the improvement of regional centres and partner organisations at national and international levels and regional organisations like labour agencies, Chambers of Commerce and Industry.